Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Please listen my story!!!!!! It is big news for my family!!!!

Everyone!! It is news!! My family watched my house on TV!!!! Did you watch 8channel on TV yesterday?? The time was around 19:30~20:00. It program was about close reporting with the police who try to catch the offender. The police in Nara where I live was also spotted. One day, the robbery happened and the police try to find the offender. At that time, the police found the strange car and they try to catch them but the car ran away speedy from the police so car chace started. this chace continued for a long time. At this time, my mother noticed that these routes were similar to one which my family look everyday but she thought that her idea was wrong because she didn't think that it was impossible that the route which she look everday appaer on TV. HOWEVER!! When she found that my house appeared on TV, she assured and was very surprised at that!!!!After the long car chace, the offender were caught next to my house!!!! In fact, these offenders didn't robbery but they were on drugs so they were arrested. my mother knew this trouble in real time because there were a lot of patrol car and noises and she also looked the face of the offender. At that real time was the morning so I stayed at home but unbelievable, I didn' t notice this accident !!!! I fall asleep ... very deeply...!! At that time when the program broadcasted, my father and I were not at home so after we came back to house, we watched the video and again my family were very excited!!!!Was this big event, wasn't it!?!? Thank you☆☆☆

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Animal (^3^)/☆

Today I will write about animals. Now I have one dog. His name is Milky because when my family decided to live with him, Milky pen was very famous(you or your friends had it☆)and I liked and always used it so I named him Milky. It is very simple reason isn't it ?? He is so cute and small so I often walk outside and play with him. Since I was child, my family had a lot of animals. Golden fish were always in a water tank because in every summer we went to the festival and scooped up the goldfish. My city is very famous for it ☆Another animals were rabbits. Because I was young, I didn't remenber of them. But they were white and black and also small and cute (^0^) Another animal were insects like a beetle or fish like tropical fish. When I was a young, my dream was to be trainer of dolphin so I said my father and mother that I wanted dolphin!!!! Of course the answer was NO!!!!...(; _ ;) so I was shocked. However, now I can satisfied with the show of the dolphin☆

Saturday, November 26, 2005



It became colder and colder !!!! It is difficult to wake up early (; _ ;) because of cold, I do not want to go out from the bed!!!! However, I like the winter the best in the season. There are a lot of seasons. Winter has a lot important events. For example, there is the Christmas and the New Years Day. For the Christmas, a lot of beautiful illumination in everywhere. It makes me to be happy (@^o^@)Every year, I went to a lot of area in this season so I also want to go the place which I have never gone this year. I like Nabe. Nebe is the best food to eat in winter because it makes our body very hot and Nabe party with frends is very interesting. I want to cook tonjiru. Last year I decise to cook it but I didn't make it so I want to cook !!!! I also like winter's fashion because I think winter fashion is cuter than summer fashion. I like the boy which wear the scarf because I think it is so cure☆The cold is hard but I want to enjoy the winter.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


About LOVE!LOVE!LOVE!!!Part 2!!

As I wrote before my blog, I will continu my love story. My high school had a lot of boys than girls so I had many friends of boys. In my second years in high school, I met one boy. He was my friend's classmate. We exchanged e-mail adress.After exchanging e-mail adress, we send e-mail each other every day. After few months, we became to like each other and kept company. However, Our feeling became to change ...we thought that we may return to be friends so we broke out. After that, we kept good relationship as a friend...we talked a lot, support each other, share our happiness or sadness. We noticed that we were the most important person for each other so we kept company again. Because a lot of things happend, we separeted again but he was so important person and the time that I spent with him is still good memory for me. Now I have boyfrind and spend a good time but I think that to meet person and become frind is very important thing and have some meaning ( maybe kind of fate). In Japanese proverb, IchigoIchie!!!!so I care the chance to meet person.

Sunday, November 13, 2005


My BirthDay☆☆☆

I'm sorry for forgeting to post for sevral weeks (>_<) Anyway, today I will write about my birthday!! November 11 was my birthyday!! I became twenty years old. I'm very sad that I graduated from teenager... I still wanted to be teenager!!!! but it is impossible thing...however I had a good time(o^o^o) because before my birthday, my frinds (Akiko,Ayumi, Chihiro, Eriko, Mai)hold my birthday party☆After class, we went to the student hall at Kansai Gaidai and they gave me nice presents and cake. We ate very delicious cake. When I saw the presents from them, I was very happy because the presents are Stitch goods. When I saw the movie of Stitch, I have loved for a long time. I recommend to watch the movie. After we talked, we took the print club and went to eat the dinner. We went to the shop, Asian days. We love Asian days and ate Nabe. In winter, Nabe is so delicious. I spent so great time(^o^) I'm very proud of having such great frinds. I'm be twenty years old now. I want to be a nice women so I really want to do my best for that.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005



Today I will write about love. Love is very important for all creatures. I think that without love, creatures cannot live!!!! Love has a lot of kind. there are love for the family, the lover, the animal and so on. When I was preschool student, I fell in love one boy. The boy was younger then me. I and he, my mother and his mother were good relationship so we played everyday. For example, we went to the pool, the park , amusement park and so on. We had very good time. He was so kind for me and his smile was so cute (#^o^#)At first I thought he was a friend but I noticed he was one of my important person. Now I and he seldom meet but when we meet, we smile each other and talk. When I was elementary school and junior high school, I liked some boys ( not same time!!) When I was young then now, I often changed my mind about love. When I was junior high school student, I liked one boy very much. He is very very fun and sportman and masculine. I liked him for three years and finally I said my feeling to him!! However at that time, he was not interested in girls so My love was broken (; _:) Still now, he is longing man for me but we are good relationship now as a frind!! To be continued...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Recently feeling!!

As I wrote about my part time job before, I still work at supermarket. I have worked there for about one year so I saw a lot of people who quit and begin the job. Recently I notice one thing...because my senior menber quit, I become the oldest girl in part time job. There are some employee but I am the oldest girl in part time job...(; _ ;) It was very shock thing for me because I am still teenager !!!!!( I will be 20 years old at November 11☆) but in fact there are a lot of girls in high school and I talk with them a lot and I feel old (>_<) I am put them in charge from chief so I have to teach the job to them. However, I am poor at teaching... cash register's job is difficult or pressure for begenner because we deal in money and service to comsumer but there are no job to work easily. I do my best to teach them(^o^) Recently, in my supermaket, a lot of music are played so I work with enjoying music. If you have free time, please come to my supermaket ( ^o^)

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